Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfits/Learning Process

There is a theory in self-help/human development that in order to assimilate a trait into a personality the person should 'mirror' or basically copy cat the process the ideal person used to accomplish the same thing. Confusing? Umm, I'm just trying to distract you from these awful photos of myself.

Anyway my idea is, that I look at alot of blogs everyday. If I really like a blog I will go through the posts from the beginning up until what is current, to sort of get the history of the person and see how they have progressed. I've noticed that individuals that participate in daily outfit photos often morph and quickly, into a much more polished confident person. Looking at yourself in a picture is much different than looking at yourself in the mirror, for me anyway.

So all that to say this, please be kind, this is hard for me. I have to start somewhere though. Here are my daily outfit photos from last week.

I liked this one the best, I wore my jacket all day with it, but the shirt is longer and I always like red on me.

I was shocked to realize this shirt was see through with the flash!!

This is my pretty typical uniform, I need to do something with my hair, I'm not sure what to do  in the waist area I think this shirt is too short.
Still I think this shirt is too short/too small, gaping at the bust

I love this shirt but I think its too short, the sleeves are way too long, from what I can find and see of proportions I need my shirt to come down to the break at my hip.

 I bought all these pieces for .99 on New Years Day at the thrift store. I'm trying to work out fit and proportion issues so I will know how my self made garments need to fit me. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment. As I said, this is hard for me, please be kind, I know I need to loose weight!


Carolyn said...

I think you're doing great! You look relaxed and natural, and your outfits look swarm and cosy!

Carolyn said...

hehe, I meant "warm" natch!