Friday, January 27, 2012

Honky Tonkin'

Well yes I am still here and I am still sewing. I've learned so much over the past few weeks that posting now about the first dress seems silly, but here I've got these pictures and all so I guess I will go ahead with it.

The facts:
Fabric: The fabric was purchased from JoAnn’s Fabric and is one of their quilting cottons.
Pattern: I used an Eva Dress Pattern for 1950′s Sarong.
Year: I believe this is a reprint of a 1950′s pattern.
Notions: Zipper, padding, boning, I didn’t add the boning as I was very disappointed with fit issues.
Time to complete: Every spare moment I had for 2 weeks :( Approximately 20 hours?
First Worn: January 15, 2012
Wear Again? No it isn’t really wearable, I put it on for the photos but there are gaping issues in the back, I tried to add inches back there, then needed darts, uh not good!
Total price: Well for this exact version about $19, but all total with the pattern, notions, 3 muslin’s I made, and Craftsy course, its over $100.
I think I started with too hard of a project, what with not having the right size pattern, and not having the pattern from the course. I needed more step by step instructions.

I think that once I gain more pattern modifying skills I will be able to fix this piece. I had to add approximately 12inches around to get the pattern to fit. I did a good job of fitting it in the front. The back though, even though it fit at the waist line, had several inches of excess around the bust. I put darts in the back to help with this and it perfectly fixed the issue, so now it fits around the top and at the waist, unfortunately though the seam where the zipper should be placed is almost zig zag? I wanted pictures to post to see if anyone could help, but alas computer and camera issues made that impossible for today. I do still love the idea and haven't given up on it though, as I said I think it can be fixed.

And because I think of this as a 'party' dress, I offer up to you my inspiration for the name:

I have finished my second dress and started the third challenge, I will post them here as soon as they have posted at the sew weekly.

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Carolyn said...

Well done, you're doing great! Don't worry if you're not completely happy with an early project; it's a learning curve and doing this challenge will increase both your confidence and skills outasight!