Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Honky Tonk Blues"

My post finally went up at Sew Weekly. This week's theme was 'Make this Look' and I chose to make a dress I'd seen on Sewing On Pins. A few month's ago Heather, at Sewing on Pins had a giveaway. I won a pattern she was generously giving away, for a vintage coat dress. When the button challenge was announced I instantly thought of that pattern! Unfortunately it was the wrong size. In the post though Heather mentioned she made a coat dress from McCall's 6279, I decided to give it a try. Thus my previous project.

I love this pattern, and I think Heather's version is so flattering on her. I had some complications with fabric this time around, but my quilting experience got me through it.

Thanks again to Heather for the pattern, and the inspiration!


Sorry about the sour face! I was using the self timer on the camera and we weren't getting along.

The Facts
Fabric: 5 yards of blue outer fabric, 3 yrds of lining fabric
Pattern: McCalls 6279 second use
Year: Contemporary
Notions: 11 Buttons $12
Time to complete: 10 Hours
First Worn: February 3, 2012 for pictures
Wear Again: Yes definitely!
Total price: fabric $25, buttons $12, thread, interfacing $10 total: $47
 The biggest story with this piece is the crappy fabric. I purchased new fabric on sale from the only place that sells fabric in my part of town, Hobby Lobby. It will be the last time. I washed it, as I want my dress to be machine washable, and it practically disintegrated.  I had to develop a plan B. So I cut out all the pieces again from a piece of fabric I got when buying a ‘lot’ on ebay. Worked great. I love the weight and security the extra layer gives me and the color of the disintegrating fabric looks suede -y.
It's pretty 'bold' on the inside.
I did change a few things this time, other than completely lining it, I also changed the button placement to prevent unfortunate button placement, and I shortened the sleeves and made the sleeve cuffs 1/2 the width of the pattern.
 The other sleeves were a bit too puffy for me.
I’m slowly but surely getting projects done. I appreciate Heather allowing me to use her piece for my ‘Made this Look’.

Heather's Version


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Carolyn said...

Very smart! I love the double row of buttons down the front; it reminds me of a trench coat. I adore trench coats....